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Our Four-legged Page

Thank you for your interest in our pet policy and requirements. Many of our homes are pet-friendly and we will always do our best to accommodate our residents’ requests to have a pet at our rental property.

All residents must complete a pet application/pet profile. If you do not have a pet you must also complete a pet profile which will serve as a confirmation that you do not own any pets. There is no fee for a “no-pets” profile.

All residents submitting a pet application/profile for a household pet will be required to pay a non-refundable pet application fee of $20 for the first pet and $15 for the second pet.

Application Requirements

Current Residents
Please do not acquire a pet before speaking with us. All pets are subject to review and final approval by the property owner.

Prospective Residents
All residents must create a pet profile even if you do not have any pets. All pets are subject to review and final approval by the property owner. Once approved, you will be required to submit a pet application/pet profile and pay the required fees.

Pet Restrictions

Due to certain insurance requirements we are unable to accept the following dog breeds:

Additionally, dogs and cats under the age of 1 year are not permitted. Ferrets, guinea pigs and any and all farm animals are not permitted. Pet reptiles and birds must be caged. Dogs other than listed above will be considered on case-by-case basis.

No more than than two (2) pets will be considered at any time.

Pet Application-Profile Fees

All residents with a household pet(s) are required a pay a Pet Administrative Fee upon pet approval. Details can be found in our rental application.

Pet Profile Benefits

Online pet profile is an easy and convenient way to apply and register your pet with us. All residents are required to have a pet profile. If you do not have a pet, your pet profile will serve as a confirmation that you currently do not have a pet. Additionally, pet profile can easily be shared with your veterinarian, animal hospitals or pet daycares. Our pet profiles are provided by

Assistance Animals

Of course, we do accept assistance animals per state and federal guidelines. If you have an assistance animal, you will need to complete an online animal profile. There is no application fee for this process. Please contact our office with any questions.